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Trained on the latest sustainable finance data, including regulatory frameworks under consultation

Now: OODA Chat

Summarise and query reporting frameworks, from SASB to GRESB

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    Summarise UK, EU and US reporting frameworks used for green and sustainability-linked finance
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    Query latest data, including regs under consultation
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    Surface URLs as starting point for research
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Next: OODA Summarise & Scan

Hand manual summarisation off to AI and get latest alerts

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    Upload and summarise PDFs and video links
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    Create reports, visualise data and share with team
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    Set up alerts for the latest regulatory changes, deals and data availability

Soon: OODA Copilot & Context

Run locally and build a private, personal knowledge base, augmented by qualitative data from peer interviews

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    Add historical data, automatically tag and link unstructured notes, and surface insights as you work
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    Convert reporting frameworks to common language to compare side by side, based on your own reasoning
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    Access original interview transcripts to gain differentiated insight on what’s happening across the market

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