Decision ready data for real assets.

Extract structured data from PDFs to unlock fundamental analysis in opaque asset classes

No more Ctrl + F or missing audit trails
More reliable than LLMs and cheaper than in-house solutions
Built for collaboration within and across analyst teams

You bring the source, we find the signal

Load collections of PDFs into a private knowledge base

From planning applications to quarterly reports, KIIDS and value creation plans, upload public or private PDFs in any format.

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Automate known queries or find something new

Apply off-the shelf templates or build, save and use your own

Utilise regulatory and thematic templates provided by OODAX or build and apply proprietary query sets based on your own methodology.

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Get to the raw data and retain its source

Extract data from source in multiple formats

Generate structured data as Number, Boolean, or Text and download as csv. Capture source document and page automatically.

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Proprietary Research

Asset Valuations
Extract metrics of interest from unstructured data sources to build reliable input assumptions
Exposure Analysis
Apply risk queries to source documents and identify portfolio exposure by industry, geography and investment theme
Feasibility Benchmarks
Apply custom queries to multiple collections to identify benchmarks at the asset, fund or portfolio level

Fund Marketing & Manager Oversight

Marketing Article 8 & Article 9 Funds
Map disclosures and operating metrics of fund constituents to Article 8/9 methodology to accelerate fund grading
Manager Oversight
Triangulate fund prospectus documents with operating metrics of fund constituents to assess quality and value
Scheme-Wide Risk
Extract data from quarterly disclosures across scheme and map to proprietary materiality index

Compliance & Risk Analysis

Regulatory Compliance
Save time mapping to disclosure frameworks by extracting data from source documents and auto-populating answers to framework regulatory questions
Extract data from internal documents to build narratives that evidence the impact of active ownership activities
Enterprise Risk
Highlight commitments made in internal client communications and external statements


Our team have gained deep experience in asset-level data analytics, software and financial services.

IHS Markit
IHS Markit